Workplace well-being

However, only 29% of these employers have developed a mental well-being strategy or action planrship interventions for teachers


Our Workplace well-being index helps you do exactly this!!

  • The term well-being is often considered to be ‘Physical health’ or ‘fitness’ or ‘lifestyle’. However, it is much more!

We spend 1/3 of our time at work, and through the time, feeling ‘well’ depends on various factors – including our work environment, team, leader, our personal lifestyle, and of
course, our inherent personality!

Our BP, Cholesterol, and other values tell us about our physical health, but not about the
triggers that tend to stress employees and individuals.

This index is also a great add-on to any leadership assessment done by your organization –
it indicates how other dimensions related to the work culture, employee lifestyle, or specific
personality traits may impact both well-being and productivity!

The Workplace well-being index looks at







Within each of these, there are multiple sub-dimensions, all of which have a high
correlation to both well-being and productivity!

WHY the wellbeing index?

1. Detailed view of the factors that are enhancing and hindering well-being and productivity

2. Reports will be made available to individuals who take the survey, as well as a collective analysis of output to the team leading the intervention

3. Employee view
The well-being index is taken by employees & leaders within the organization, and can help you assess areas that need to be strengthened based on their inputs

4. Designed such that output can be integrated into your HR processes, leadership
development interventions, and employee wellness initiatives
We believe the Workplace wellbeing index can help make wellbeing a PART of your
talent strategy & process, instead of just another activity…The output can help you:

1. Address gaps through improving HR/talent processes
2. Enhance leadership development programs to include well-being
3. Create internal well-being initiatives/campaigns


Other features

  • 20 to 25 minute completion time
  • Instant scoring &output
  • Piloted with 1000+ employees world-wide
  • Online administration
  • Protected access with complete confidentiality

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