01. Work-life integration for the busy professional

  • Are you working round the clock, wondering how you will ever get to the gym, to
    your family, friends, or to just taking time out to breathe?
  • Does work occupy so much of your mind space always, so much so, that you can
    see it impacting your sleep and well-being?

While work-life balance signifies equalizing work time and personal time, work-life integration is about creating synergies between all elements involved in ‘work’ and ‘life’ in order to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Work-life integration is not only about lifestyle shifts, but also about conscious changes in behavioural patterns.

Through our holistic well-being coaching intervention, we work with you to design and live a life which leads to fulfilment.

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02. Alleviating anxiety,stress and/or depression

  • Anxiety, Anger, Stress and Depressionare theepidemic of the new millennia (1 in 5
    adults experience anxiety or mental illness as per FORTUNE MAGAZINE. However, as
    per the WHO, less than 20% of these individuals actually seek help).
    Anxiety impacts not only our thoughts and emotions, but also our body, breath,
    physical health, and social well-being.

A lot of people hide their anxiety, stress, and depression because they are ‘too afraid’ to speak up … but if we can treat physical health issues, then why not our mental health challenges

The Human Prism helps individuals identify/break patterns and develop coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety in a sustainable manner.

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03. Lifestyle health conditions (Psychosomatic conditions) – It’s all in the mind!
A Psychosomatic condition is one that germinates in the mind, and manifests in the body.

  • Over 80% of physical health issues are now being attributed to stress and lifestyle… However, most of us only take medication to treat these conditions
  • While medication is required to manage these conditions, even modern medicine/doctors say that our mental patterns & lifestyle are equally important in managing these conditions


Some of these conditions include:
Thyroid, PCOD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Insomnia

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Asset 11
Getting to know you/First consultation: We look to understand your concerns, current ecosystem, lifestyle habits, health conditions if any, and your overall personality (including strengths, derailers etc.) we set some basic guidelines and initial goals during this rst consultation.
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Second consultation: Action plan and road map (co-created between us)
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On-going weekly sessions (number vary as per the client need/issue) : We recommend a minimum 8 week/2-month engagement, which can go up to 6-9 months. However, this can be decided on mutual discussion
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Continuous monitoring/tracking of outcomes set in the first & second consultation: at the end of our engagement period, we will conduct simple surveys/assessments to measure the shift & impact of the intervention
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Post Consultation: Our relationship with you goes beyond just the contract… we will create a post-consultation le (along with you), summarizing all the session learnings, and practical tips you can use going forward
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Each session is typically 60-75 minutes, with the first session being 90 minutes.
Mumbai (India) and Calgary (Canada) – Our program is designed in a way that can be followed from across the globe.
We understand life can get in the way and provide you with the exibility of meeting with us via in-person,phone as well as online (i.e. skype/zoom) sessions.
We work with
We work with people across age groups, and professions. From young adults, students, to working men & women and home-makers.