01. Data related to leadership behaviors & well-being

  • We use multiple psychometric tools to assess critical leadership behaviors, strengths and areas of development for teacher
  •  Through our proprietary well-being index, we identify the factors that impact teacher stress and/or levels of well-being. This will be assessed across the 3 main
    dimensions of –
  • Work Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Well being behaviours & personality

The combination of these will provide insight into –
    a. Factors that hinder the well-being of teachers at work
    b. Changes that will enhance teacher well-being and    productivity

Based on this, we design customized, data backed well-being and leadership interventions for teachers

02. Modules focused on mindfulness, well-being & leadership development

The role of a teacher is in many ways synonymous to the role of a leader…
Unfortunately, though, most times, teachers are put into ‘leadership’ roles without having any training on how best to lead students.

To enable teachers, develop and exhibit leadership behaviors, we focus on areas related to –

  • Self-awareness
  • Managing emotions and behaviour
  • Alleviating stress, and enhancing well-being

To deliver these modules, we will leverage

  • Behaviors and dimensions that are part
    of our proprietary well-being index
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness techniques