In today’s highly competitive world, driven by the forces of global change and volatility,
what does an individual do when he or she wants to achieve a better balance to life? Or,
what does one do when under stress? How does one continue to be productive despite all
the stressors around us?

Is it possible to achieve success, productivity, and well-being all together? Can one achieve
this merely by ‘telling oneself’ to? Is ‘resolving to do it’ the answer? If that was so, life would
be very easy, right? Anyone wanting to make a behaviour or lifestyle shift could just snap
his or her fingers and BINGO, change would happen! As we all know, it isn’t that easy!

  • This is where the Human Prism can help you!! – Just like a prism separates light passing
    through it into a multitude of colors, there are several facets that make up our lives. At the
    Human Prism, it is our endeavor to support clients to navigate these facets to experience
    enhanced well-being.
    We do this through techniques grounded in Psychology, Mindfulness and Wellness

Who we work with?

Individuals click here
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Who we work with?

Whether working with an individual, or organization/institute, we look at ways in which you can make changes in your ecosystem/environment, lifestyle, and behaviour/personality, to enhance both well-being and productivity.




Nikita Singh

Founder Human Prism – Organizational Psychologist, leadership Consultant, Well-being coach

An Organizational Psychologist from LSE, Nikita has worked in the areas of Talent management and Leadership development for 5 years. Her experience spans three countries and diverse industries. Through her work in the area of workplace personality assessments and leadership consulting, she developed a keen interest in ‘holistic’ individual development through a complete ‘wellness’ approach. This realization, and the need for both individuals and organizations to seek holistic wellness led to the genesis of the Human Prism. In addition to her Psychology background, Nikita is a certified Health & Wellness coach, via a ICHWC (International Consortium of Health & Wellness Coaching) approved program, and a certified Yoga teacher too. Her purpose is to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of people – be it in their personal space or occupational/professional space, by enabling them to achieve lasting lifestyle and behavioural changes.

Divya Singh

Co-founder, Human Prism, Head Canada Operations – Engineer,MBA (Marketing), Business Development Professional, Meditation instructor, Wellness Coach

Divya is an accomplished sales and business development professional with over 9 years of experience with leading technology firms like IBM & Oracle. Mid-way through her sales career, Divya got introduced to self-care tools like breathing and meditation that significantly impacted her personal and professional well-being. Her stress levels reduced and happiness quotient increased leading her to create a life of fulfillment and purpose. Divya is also a trained meditation instructor with the Art of living Foundation and Certified Wellness Coach through an ICHWC (International Consortium of Health & Wellness Coaching) approved program. She has touched hundreds of lives through stress management workshops in India and Canada. Divya believes that change begins with you and when you take responsibility for your well-being, nothing can come in the way of your happiness and

Glory Khanna

Manager, Workplace Well-being index – Psychologist and
Well-being coach

Glory is amongst the 400 people globally to have studied at the MAPP program led by Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology. She is a subject matter expert on the
topic of human flourishing and happiness, and also specialized in Organizational Behaviour and Counselling Psychology.

Heading to the catastrophic rise in stress related disorders and depression worldwide, Glory recognized a need for a preventive approach towards mental health. Through her work at the Alchemist Center of Happiness, and now the Human Prism, she strives to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others by teaching the science of wellbeing. Through this, she aims to help people and organizations realize their full potential.