We offer customized well-being coaching solutions with a unique east meets west approach or with an combination of psychology and mindfulness based techniques tohelp individuals alleviate anxiety & depression, achieve work-life integration and effectively manage Psychomsomatic health conditions


We make well-being your competitive advantage through our comprehensive approach. Or We help you integrate well being into your company's talent, leadership development and employee engagement initiatives.


We work with institutes to help teachers enhance well-being at work, as well as develop key leadership behaviours, thereby feeling more engaged, and delivering positive student outcomes- this is good as is.


Nikita Singh


Nikita Singh is an Organizational Psychologist from the London
School of Economics, a certified wellness coach by the
International Consortium of Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC),
and an enthusiast Yoga practitioner and Meditator, Nikita Singh is
passionate about enabling people to make lifestyle and
behavioural changes… through a total well-being approach.


Nikita has a very pacifying effect! She is very knowledgable when it comes to psychology and understanding the intricate nature of the mind! Along with this the breathing techniques definitely had a positive impact on the physiology of my entire body! This helped me calm down and feel healthier.



It was good working with Nikita... She is very calm, and a wonderful person who definitely knows what she is doing. She helped me immensely with my focus, discipline, and goal setting.


Sports player

I worked with Nikita/The Human Prism because of my problem with PCOD. I was also extremely stressed. Through various methods - including coaching for wellness, some yoga, breath work, and mindfulness, I felt much better and could see an improvement in my health.


Home maker